Home Gear Reviews Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Fender CD60SCE Acoustic Guitar

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Fender CD60SCE Acoustic Guitar

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Fender CD60SCE Acoustic Guitar

Welcome back, readers! In this article, we will review and discuss the top 5 reasons to buy the FENDER CD60SCE acoustic guitar.

Let’s discuss its features, current price in India, sound, and final thoughts.


The Fender CD60SCE stands for Fender Classic Design 60 Spruce top/Solid top Cutaway Electronic. Hence, it is actually a semi-acoustic dreadnought-shaped guitar.

It comes in three variants – Black, All-Mahogany, and Natural Finish. In this article, we are reviewing the natural finish variant.

Fender CD60SCE – Black
Fender CD60SCE – Natural
Fender CD60SCE – All Mahogany

It comes with a FISHMAN pickup + equalizer with a built-in tuner and bass, treble & volume controls. The pickup requires a 9-volt battery and thus, you can easily plug it into an amp and perform live.

Fender CD60SCE with Fishman Pickup

Made in Indonesia and designed in the USA, this guitar has laminated mahogany back and sides with a solid spruce top having scalloped X-bracing.

The neck is also mahogany with a walnut fretboard.

With rolled fretboard edges, it allows maximum comfort during playing with dot inlays made up of mother-of-pearl.

Price in India

Currently (March 2022), it is priced between INR 26000 – INR 30000 (including GST) depending upon the variant. The price has increased from 2021 which was INR 23000 – INR 25000. As the import duty and inflation rate increases in the economy, we can observe a steady rise in the price of such international branded guitars.

The Sound

The guitar boasts of high bass with noticeable trebles but scoops out the mids due to its dreadnought shape. It is definitely best when you are strumming or when you are the only guitarist in your band.

However, being a solid-top guitar, it has incredible volume, presence, and sustain. This makes it also suitable for fingerstyle music as well.

The natural sound without being plugged in is almost the same as when the guitar is connected to an amp. However, when connected to an amp the treble has more presence due to the Fishman pickup.

Note that the pickup does not allow to make percussive sounds from this guitar. Therefore, if you want to add percussion beats to your playing, consider using a mic or adding a piezo (under-saddle) pickup.

In case you want to plug the guitar into your computer using an audio interface, then you can expect more clear tone and lesser chime as observed when connected to an amp. Have a look at the following video to understand the sound of the guitar.

Final Thoughts

The Fender CD60SCE is a really good guitar for both beginners and advanced players. You can easily reach up to the 20th fret with the cutaway. Whether the guitar is plugged into an amp or played directly, it sounds great in both conditions.

However, the lack of piezo pickup for serious percussive players and the scooped mids can turn off a few players. The guitar is definitely worth the money as long as the prices do not increase in the near future.

A guitar with Fender (not Squier) written on the headstock, made with great craftsmanship and quality control is definitely one should consider if they want to take their guitar playing to the next level.


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