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I write about guitars, music and about new trends in the rock and roll industry. My inspiration comes from artists all over the world, irrespective of any genre, my own experiences, good and bad, and the people that live around me.


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Top 5 ways you can improve your guitar tone!

Welcome back, readers! In this blog, we shall discuss how you can improve your electric guitar tone on a budget and take your sound to the next level. These tips apply to all electric guitars, so let's kick things off. #1 Change your string gauge String gauge can really...

Why To Buy Boss Katana Mini Guitar Amp | Complete Review

Welcome to another blog where I will review the Boss Katana Mini Guitar Amp and why you should buy this amp. We will deep dive into its features and discuss the pros and cons. Features Priced at around INR 10,200 the Boss Katana Mini Guitar Amp is a AAA battery-powered...

Why you should think twice before selling your guitar

Welcome back, dear readers! As I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace the other day to check out some used guitars and gears, I found out that most of the guitars listed were bought quite recently. These guitars were either 3 months or just a few weeks old....