Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Guitarist


Welcome back everyone to another blog! As Christmas is right around the corner, we shall discuss the top 5 Christmas gift items that you can give to a guitarist that you might know. Be it your colleague, friend, family, or anyone in between.

Guitar Picks

If there is something that we guitarists tend to lose more than anything, is our picks. These small pieces of plastic or nylon are so easy to lose whether we are practicing at home, recording in a studio, or at a live gig.

We are always seeking more picks at our disposal as this is the one item that we lose the most. Therefore, if you know a guitarist get him or her a brand-new pack of guitar picks.

Guitar Tuner

What is more dreadful than a guitarist performing live with no skills? An out-of-tune guitar. A reliable clip-on guitar tuner is one of the quintessential items that you can buy a guitarist which will help them keep in tune.

The guitarist can easily put them on their headstock and leave them on the headstock for the rest of the performance.

Guitar Cable

The next gift item is definitely a guitar cable. These wires either go directly from the guitar to the amplifier or into pedals or interfaces while performing live or in a studio.

Guitar cables tend to have a long shelf-life as they are quite durable, but keeping a spare on is always a wise choice. Hence, I recommend a 10-foot or 20-foot cable in this list.

Guitar Strap

The next gift item on this list is a guitar strap. You really do not need to be an expert on music to choose a proper guitar strap. These are easily available online and can be easily purchased depending on your tastes and preferences.

Guitar mini amplifier

A brand-new guitar amplifier can be really expensive on your wallet and can be a hit-and-miss scenario if you have no idea what you are buying.

However, brands like Boss, Blackstar, and many others have come up with inexpensive yet great-sounding mini amplifiers that sound incredibly well in a practice setting.

The Boss Katana Mini, NUX GP-1, and the Blackstar FLY 3 are definitely on top in this category.

Honourable mentions

You can also buy guitar strings or a guitar maintenance kit for your fellow guitarist. However, I have kept these items at the very end because:

a) Guitar strings are very personalized equipment. These are highly variable in terms of the playing style and tastes and preferences of the guitarist. Therefore, buy these as a gift only if you know what you are doing.

b) Maintenance kits are a really good gift provided the guitarist knows the DIY stuff. The tools in this kit can be useless in the hands of a newbie who might actually damage his/her guitar while using them.


Buying the right Christmas gift for a guitarist can be a tough choice, and I hope this list helps you out. If you think I have missed anything, let me know in the comments. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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