Home Gear Reviews Marshall MG10 CF amp: Things to know before you buy

Marshall MG10 CF amp: Things to know before you buy

Marshall MG10 CF amp: Things to know before you buy

Welcome back! Today we are going to discuss the Marshall MG10 CF guitar amplifier – a really affordable yet powerful amp from a very well known brand in the music industry.

The article will talk about the amps features, specifications and also about the sound.


The Marshall MG10 CF is a solid-state 10-watt output amp. It weighs about 5kg or 11lbs.

The amp is really well built with one 6.5″ speaker installed. For the aesthetics, it has a “carbon fibre” look at the frames hence defining the term “CF”.

It has two channels clean and overdrive. It has one volume control for the clean channel and one volume + one gain control for the overdrive channel.

Instead of having additional bass, mid and treble controls, it has a “contour” control which is similar to the “tone” speed knob on an electric guitar. It scoops down the mids giving you a rich and warm sound on any given channel.

Apart from having a standard guitar input jack, it has two 3.5mm jacks.

One is a headphone output jack for those late-night practices. The other one is an input jack through which you can jam over some backing tracks by connecting your phone.

For connecting your phone to the amp, use a 3.5mm AUX cable and directly connect it to the amp.

Marshall MG10 CF Price

The Marshall MG10 CF is priced between INR7000-7800 in India, but is currently unavailable at most e-commerce sites.

The sound

The sound ranges from clean to plexi to all the way to hard rock/metal. However, being a 10-watt amp, the sound gets slightly muddy as you dial the gain above 7.

Check out these videos to check out the sound.

Lead soloing
Riff playing on the gain channel

Final thoughts

The Marshall MG10 CF is an excellent amp for practice at your home, gig playing at small clubs and even for touring guitarists who want a practice amp in their hotel room.

The amp is a great example of value for money and how big brands can make great products for all types of consumers. Hats-off to Marshall for living up to its name.


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