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Top 5 things to know for Intermediate vs Advanced guitarist

Top 5 things to know for Intermediate vs Advanced guitarist

In this article, we shall discuss what makes an intermediate guitarist, an advanced guitarist. We shall also discuss the top 5 things you should be knowing as an advanced level guitarist.

So what makes an advanced guitarist? Is it the music theory knowledge, the skills or simply mastering your favourite genre? Read on to find out.

Music Theory Knowledge

An advanced guitarist certainly knows what he is playing. The guitarist simply does not shred some random notes on the fretboard. He/she knows the theory behind all of it and applies it in the most articulate manner. Thus, creating real music which is pleasant to the ears.

As an advanced level guitarist – you should know the following:

  • All your basics are clear – chords, notes, rhythm patterns, notes across the fretboard.
  • You know all the barre chord shapes and also know their different voicings and extensions.
  • You are well versed with your favorite scales- major, minor, pentatonic and blues.
  • You know your favorite scale mode – be it phrygian, lydian or mixolydian.
  • You know various time signatures and can play in rhythm as per the tempo.
guitar chords

A good ear

One of the most important aspects of music is having a good ear. The ability to listen to a music piece and able to identify the key, notes, chords and rhythm is a sign of an advanced level musician.

Be it metal, rock, pop, funk, blues or even jazz. You have a brilliant sense of identifying music just by listening to the song. Ear training is extremely important and you have realised a long time back during your journey.

With this skill, you are not only able to learn any song quicker, but also, can transcribe tabs and help others as well.

Hence, if you want to be an advanced level guitarist or musician, train your ears well in every aspect.

A hunger to learn more

By now with great music knowledge, you have transcended from a wannabe to a serious and mature musician. You are either creating your own music or learning to create. Your creativity and approach to the subject is simply a part of your daily routine.

But yet, you are always hungry to learn more. You still watch other players and try to learn from them. Plus, you are flexible enough to explore any genre or anything which excites you musically.

It’s beyond passion and livelihood, it’s just a part of you now.

Keep up the hunger game, you have earned it.

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Gone are the days when you used to be cocky and showing off your new guitar to your mates or the girl you like at your college.

You do not make other beginner guitar players feel uncomfortable with your playing, but rather uplift and encourage them to progress and stay dedicated to the guitar.

This is what separates you from the other guitar players. You are the “Alpha Guitarist” – a person who is mature enough to understand that everyone has their own journey and will take their own time to complete it.

This is why you are respected and look upon wherever you go because music has developed your character as well.

Music is LIFE

By now, music and guitar is not just a hobby or a weekend getaway from work. It IS work and it has become a part of your life, in fact, it is a part of you now.

With that being said, you know exactly what you want to want and what you have achieved in your music journey. You are ready for more challenges and your daily disciplined routine is the proof of that.

With great dedication and integrity, as you play each note every night – I want you to remember how far you have come and what lies ahead of you.

Never stop, never quit, my good reader.


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