Home Gear Reviews Review Cort CR100: Is it worth your investment?

Review Cort CR100: Is it worth your investment?

Review Cort CR100: Is it worth your investment?

In this blog, we shall review the CORT CR100 electric guitar and will discuss is it really worth your investment?

Cort or Cor-Tek Corporation is a South Korea based guitar manufacturer which also makes guitars for famous brands like Ibanez, ESP and Jackson. It has factories in both China and Indonesia.

The Cort CR100 is from the “Classic Rock” series from Cort Guitars. Although Cort does not have a ‘signature’ guitar shape or instrument in its name, they make a lot of guitars through various categories.

I have owned the Cort CR100 for seven years and I feel that after spending such a long time with this instrument, it’s time I give you my opinion on this electric guitar.

Cort CR100 price

Cort CR100 price in India

The Cort CR100 is priced between INR 16,000-18000. The price varies from various online shopping sites.

I had bought it at INR 13,500 way back in 2013. Hence, due to inflation and rising wood and manufacturing costs, the prices have increased over the years.

Cort CR100 Specifications

The Cort CR100 features an all-mahogany solid body with a carved maple top. The neck is a bolt-on with a jatoba or Indian rosewood fingerboard.

There are 22 frets with a scale length of 24.75 in with a tune-o-matic bridge and a tail-piece. The pickups are standard humbucker ‘powersound pickups’ with a 3-way toggle switch and 2 volume and tone control knobs.

Cort has categorised this guitar as a beginner level guitar, hence the frets are not rounded at the edges nor it has a binding construction.

It is an affordable guitar for beginners who want the classic Gibson Les Paul at a real low price range.

Cort CR100 vs. Cort CR200 vs. Cort CR250

As you move up the product-line the CR series expands into the CR200 and CR250 models.

Cort CR 200
Cort CR 200

The CR200 has a solid mahogany body with a solid mahogany top and a neck-through construction. The neck is again maple with jatoba fretboard and ivory binding on both the body and the neck.

Further, the CR200 has vintage tuners and ‘Voiced Tone VTH-59’ humbucking pickups. This makes this electric guitar as an entry level-premium guitar.

The Cort CR200 is currently priced between INR 24,000-26,000 range.

Cort CR250
Cort CR250

The CR250, on the other hand, features a solid mahogany with a flamed maple top and a neck-through construction. Since this guitar is now into the premium category the guitar has now smoothed fret edges and beautiful aesthetics.

Between the CR200 vs. CR250, I would highly recommend going for the CR250 because of its craftsmanship and premium aesthics.

The Cort CR250 is currently priced at INR 28,000-30,000 range.

Final thoughts

After playing the Cort CR100 for over seven years, I am definitely looking for an upgrade as the pickups do not hold much sustain at the higher frets, no matter how hard you are holding the strings.

Also, since it is a bolt-on neck construction, I find it uncomfortable to do those legato shred-runs at the higher frets and the sharp fret edges always injure my hand or palm.

With time, the part where the neck and body meets, the joint has been showing small cracks.

The extra weight due to the soli-mahogany wood always made things difficult to play it for long hours. Thus, if you are a beginner and ONLY want a Les Paul style guitar, it is the guitar you should opt for buying.

However, if you want a humbucking guitar that is lightweight and is easier to play, which you can invest in for the long term. I would suggest ditching the CR100 and buy an entry-level Ibanez GIO series guitar.


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